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Computer Labs

Since 2012, we have worked with many underserved and rural communities in Cochabamba and throughout Bolivia to provide onsite computer training  through mobile computer labs.  The computer labs are rotated between different communities for a period of five months.  Adelante Bolivia partners with non-profit organizations, civil and communal associations, and schools to temporarily house the computer labs within their respective facilities.  The labs serve students of all ages and are open to all members of the community who want to take computer classes and participate in the labs.   Each lab is equipped with laptop computers and complimentary educational materials and are staffed by a computer instructor. The labs provide basic to intermediate computer classes aimed at improving capabilities in Microsoft Windows and Office.  Special, tailored classes are also offered to adults and working mothers.  In addition, we offer educational software to our younger lab participants to reinforce core subjects like math, reading, and science as well teaching them basic computer programing skills where they learn to create their own computer games.

We see these labs to expand our services and to support local Bolivian organizations doing good work and the vulnerable populations they serve.  Check out our Where we work for more information on the organizations we work with.

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