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Our Mission

We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Dedicated to improving educational outcomes, promoting social empowerment and raising environmental awareness among vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Bolivia.

We see our organization as a small, but vital part of a broader vision to lift and give a voice to those in need. We firmly believe that an enlightened, educated society is the catalyst bring about greater social justice, equitable economic development, and sustainable environmental progress.

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Our Story

We began our work in Bolivia in 2012 as a small, independent project that focused on providing free computer classes to primary schools in the impoverished, rural countryside of Cochabamba, Bolivia. From there we began servicing family shelters, orphanages, and community centers throughout Bolivia.  Through grassroots fundraising, we were able to scrape together the resources needed to open our first computer labs in Cochabamba. 

As more people passed through the computer labs, we became captivated by their individual stories and exposed to the immense needs and problems facing the most vulnerable and marginalized sectors of Bolivian society.  We began working with a diverse range of Bolivian nonprofit organizations as well as local municipalities within the Department of Cochabamba to provide educational support services and organize various social and environmental initiatives, eventually growing into the organization we are today. 

Our history is constantly writing itself and built on the hard work and dedication of our small but mighty team and our wonderful partner organizations.

Our Team

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