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Boria Villegas Fuentes

Executive Director

Boria Villegas Fuentes was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and holds a Law Degree from University of San Simon and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in education. Boria has always had a passion for social activism and desire to work with the less fortunate in her native Bolivia and she has dedicated her professional and personal life to environmental and social advocacy.

As the legal director and project coordinator with several Bolivian and international NGOs she assisted in conservation efforts to protect Bolivia’s Amazon jungle and its indigenous inhabitants, she developed scholarship programs for at risk youth in Bolivia and created grassroots fundraising campaigns to assist women who were victims of sexual and physical abuse Peru.

Boria and her husband are active members of Rotary International and have spent many years helping to fundraise for the club’s various social initiatives across Latin America. Boria is also a dedicated member of Rotaract, which is a club within Rotary that focuses on building the next generation of young leaders.

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