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We invite you to dive into our annual reports and learn more about our organization's journey. Your support and trust are essential to our success, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our progress with you.

Computer Laboratories 

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Here's the translation:

10 participants divided into two groups: The attendance varies due to family issues, as many are single mothers going through separation from their aggressors. This situation puts them in economic difficulties to meet the needs of their children. Additionally, many are facing self-esteem issues, so maintaining regular attendance or removing them from the group due to occasional absences could lead to greater apathy towards new learning or stronger insecurities about their academic abilities.

The smaller group size was determined to maintain distancing measures due to the ongoing waves of COVID-19, with our program serving as a trial for in-person activities. Therefore, the instructor and assistants are obligated to maintain certain measures to prevent contagion.

Aldeas SOS Healthy Families Program

The Healthy Families Program is one of the working arms of SOS Villages, providing Family Strengthening services to prevent child abandonment and Alternative Care services to restore the right to live in a family. This program includes mostly families composed only of mothers with several underage children, who are in situations of poverty. They receive support from SOS Villages through a coordinator for an approximate period of two years. During this time, they receive training on various topics such as education for their children, healthy eating, violence prevention, among others. They also receive support to improve their economic situation, with the hope of providing a better quality of life for their family.

Mothers attending this program work in house cleaning, street vending, and other temporary jobs they can find to minimally cover their children's needs. Most of them have not progressed beyond primary school level, so many are on the verge of illiteracy. This not only hinders their access to better-paying jobs but also causes a decrease in self-esteem, among other situations of violence some have suffered. Approaching technology is a challenge for them, as they are faced with something unfamiliar. Despite the increasing use of cell phones, they have not had access to computers. Computer workshops are for them an opportunity to discover new skills, a time for personal preparation, and a space for themselves as part of occupational therapy. This gives them confidence that they are capable of using digital equipment and tools, as well as platforms that open up new spaces for their economic activities and enable them to support their children's school activities.

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Workshop on using ZOOM Rooms and other Google Drive tools to teachers of educational units and students law school University Gabriel Rene Moreno from Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Free Workshops were given considering that virtual activities will remain together to semi-presence in educational units during periods of high risk of contagion or with students who are going through the COVID 19 virus, many teachers still have doubts about the use of virtual platforms to teach their classes, so they took advantage the school holiday period for these trainings.

Exercise Routines for Older Adults

The Exercise Routines Program for Older Adults has completed its second year of uninterrupted work and with active participation of seniors of different ages departments of Bolivia, it is carried out from Monday to Thursday at hrs. 17:00 to 18:00 with different activities every day, so that you can work comprehensively on physical health and mental health of older adults who have been severely affected by the Pandemic as they are part of the high-risk population and many live alone, this activity being a nice opportunity for distraction through health. We reached 7 of the 9 Departments of Bolivia, taking advantage of the advantages that technology gives through ZOOM platforms and WhatsApp. Through these exercise routines that last one hour, Lic. Ericka performs relaxation and stretching exercises and helps them improve their physical condition, mood and emotional. The materials used in some of the classes are objects that there are at home such as plastic bottles with water, broomsticks, unused paper, so that does not generate expense or discomfort for the beneficiaries. In 2022, two special classes per month were implemented aimed at medical pathologies and occupational therapy and fine stimulation.

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Centro de Servicios Integrados María Josefa Recio SIMAJ:

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The Support Center for Children with Disabilities "Integrated Services María Josefa Recio - SIMAJ" is a new project that, although it depends on the Therapeutic Center Puntiti and the Hospital Sisters as its parent organization, has independence in terms of facilities and administration. It was inaugurated in May 2021 with donations for its construction from the Telemaratón and the Rotary Club Cochabamba for the equipment. It currently provides care to children with disabilities who have families but do not have the economic means to take them to other alternative education centers where they can receive education and therapies at high costs.

It is a new center that has started its activities and already has around 35 children, who currently receive support in rehabilitation, especially for the most severe cases, with the physiotherapist sponsored by Adelante Bolivia.

The work carried out by Lic. Ericka Mamani at the María Josefa Recio Center is part-time in the morning shift from Monday to Friday, and she is the only professional in the area who integrates in-office therapies, group therapies, and nutrition.

In 2022, significant advances have been celebrated in the children. Two patients can walk, others maintain a better posture and mastery of their movements, so we closed the year successfully.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Vacation Workshop (children from 3 to 6 years old) “Family Program healthy¨

In order to support boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 6 years in the area of ​​fine stimulation, improving motor and sensory skills, will carry out free holiday workshops, led by a graduate in physiotherapy who is part of the foundation and we seek through different crafts and exercises to contribute to the motor and intellectual development of children in the growth stage.

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Workshop “Exercise routines for women” Aldeas Infantiles SOS “Family Program” healthy¨

We consider it important to support the health of mothers who are part of the healthy families of the SOS Villages, through physical exercise sessions, with the intention to provide a space for self-care and learn about the benefits of physical activity for ailments and improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries. The exercises that are carried out They help in the improvement of certain pathologies such as sciatica pain, joint pain, relaxation and breathing exercises, balance exercises, among others.


Adelante Bolivia Donation to Kermese Puntiti Therapeutic Community: After two years of not carrying out in-person activities, Puntiti held a festival to raise funds for the children who are welcomed in their center, so it was donated voluntarily a prize for the raffles

Workshop “Healthy and vegan snacks” (Taught by Women of Adelante Mujer) Foundation Adelante Mujer: The workshop was held with the intention of raising funds for the purchase of teaching materials for the boys and girls who attend Adelante Mujer with their mothers, mainly so that they have educational games while they receive the training or therapies, the amount also allowed the purchase of a data display for its workshops

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