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We invite you to dive into our annual reports and learn more about our organization's journey. Your support and trust are essential to our success, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our progress with you.

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A total of 22 beneficiaries who varied in attendance because new members join and others leave the participation in the CASARI Foundation due to generally family reasons. Many of the children and adolescents are at risk since their parents work and cannot monitor daily participation or they do not have anyone to take them, this factor of abandoning attendance is repeated in many organizations despite the control and follow-up that is tried to be done with the families. Another reason for insistence or abandonment was that the computer classes coincided with the training for participation in the Plurinational School Sports Games, of which some of the children were representatives in disciplines like soccer. The computer classes have a capacity of 16 students.

Healthy Families Foundation Educational Community Program for Life ¨CEV

The Healthy Families Foundation's Educational Community Program for Life (CEV) is located in the Chilimarca area, which belongs to Tiquipaya. This area is dedicated to agriculture and is 10 km from the city. The majority of the population is of indigenous origin from the valley area.

CEV is a foundation that initially housed what is now CUBE, an organization that was worked with last semester. CEV provides school support, daycare, and the initial level of education with kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes in the morning and afternoon shifts. They offer their spaces so that families, especially mothers who have to go out to work, can leave their children from 4 months of age onwards during the full schedule from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During this time, the children receive food, care, and stimulation. Currently, they have 170 minors who attend daily.

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San Martin de Porres Support Center for People with Disabilities “CAPEDIS”

Since the 2018 management, a cooperation agreement was made with CAPEDIS due to the needs and lack of personnel in the organization. Considering that the individuals at CAPEDIS have severe and multiple disabilities, the support from the physiotherapist was extended daily during the 2019 management in the afternoon shift. Although the agreement was supposed to end in November 2019, it was extended until December due to the civic strike that Bolivia experienced for 21 days for political reasons. The situation was very risky for transit, and there was no transportation that could provide security for the physiotherapist to move around.

By way of explanation, the institution houses 10 people with disabilities and no family members, ranging in age from 10 to 50 years old. The institution operates with the support of Japanese organizations, and in the second half of 2018, a new director joined since Shoko, who is the founder and was the director, has started to retire and take care of the ecological farm they have. Currently, the funding has decreased, so the budget has been reduced, and they still do not have a budget to pay a physiotherapist. Given the severe disability, if they do not receive attention, the damage to the beneficiaries would be greater and irreversible.

Puntiti Therapeutic Community:

In the 2019 management, during the months of January and June, the physiotherapist provided physiotherapy care within Puntiti. During the holiday season, the interns do not attend due to the university break, and the number of patients exceeds the capacity of the permanent physiotherapist at the Center. The physiotherapist supported the therapies for the young children and assisted with their feeding.

The Therapeutic Community Puntiti is a non-profit organization belonging to the Hospital Sisters, with a mission to provide support to people with disabilities through a shelter for orphans with multiple and severe disabilities. This shelter is one of the largest and oldest in Cochabamba, with 20 years of history.

Among its population, there are 80 people aged between 10 and 40 years old, who are divided by age for the bedrooms and dining areas. During the school months (February to November), they receive physiotherapy interns since they have only one contracted professional physiotherapist. For this reason, Adelante Bolivia is supporting during December and January to minimize this deficiency through the professional in physiotherapy.

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The Infrastructure Improvement Project for the Restoration Shelter was divided into 4 Phases, due to personnel changes within Mosoj Yan and a restructuring even from its board of directors, the disbursement made in December 2018 was only executed in January 2019, ending Phase IV with modifications in purchases according to the most urgent needs of adolescent girls. With what he project is closed

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