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We invite you to dive into our annual reports and learn more about our organization's journey. Your support and trust are essential to our success, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our progress with you.



The "mobile" computer labs are part of the Technological Culture Project, which aims to reach communities with limited access to computers and technology, often due to socio-economic reasons. The project works to bridge the technological gap and provide equitable access to information, primarily targeting children, adolescents, as well as women and individuals in vulnerable situations. They are mobile because each semester the equipment is entirely transferred to a new center or institution that will benefit from office automation classes. The equipment includes both technological and human resources that visit different locations to teach computing free of charge and according to an established program. Non-profit organizations affiliated with Adelante Bolivia and the Bolivian communities in the area coordinate to temporarily host the labs within their facilities and take care of the computers where they will learn new knowledge. We aim to reach different provinces of Cochabamba.

Chillijchi Cultural and Community Center, Cultural and Artistic Association Educate is Party

Computer classes began in the South Zone, near the market peasant, in the “Chillijchi” Community Center belonging to Educar es Fiesta, said center benefits boys and girls in the area from 4 to 12 years old, whose parents work as street fruit sellers in the peasant market and as seamstresses in jeans factories.



Since 2016, Adelante Bolivia has sought to expand its beneficiary communities, In addition to providing support in computer training “Scholarships-Volunteering” For students at the university or higher technical level, the scholarship lasts one semester with a monthly amount assigned for academic expenses and an amount complementary for the expenses of tickets that will be used in their performance as volunteer instructors. The scholarship is launched through an open call that allows apply on equal opportunities to those students who need support economic to continue their studies and at the same time are motivated and committed to supporting other less favored groups in which serve as volunteer computer class instructors, providing them with the experience of teaching classes and in some cases being their first internships in teaching

Infrastructure Improvement Project  Restoration Shelter "Mosoj Yan"

The girls at the shelter were very happy with the arrangements made in the Infrastructure Improvement Project


Physiotherapy material Jesús Maestro Educational Unit “B”

The "Jesús Maestro B" Educational Unit did not have material for physiotherapy stimulation, so a donation of educational toys, oils, towels, and medications was made, allowing for the care to be provided under better conditions. Currently, there is still a need to acquire suitable equipment for care, even in speech therapy. Adelante Bolivia is raising funds to purchase silicone balls suitable for filling the pool, an amount totaling 3,500 BOB.

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