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We invite you to dive into our annual reports and learn more about our organization's journey. Your support and trust are essential to our success, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our progress with you.

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University Scholarship Program

This year Adelante Bolivia began its scholarship program for undergraduate university students in Cochabamba, Bolivia to enhance higher educational opportunities for women and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Adelante Bolivia has partnered with the University of San Simon, one of Bolivia’s oldest and most prestigious universities, to provide two scholarships per year to undergraduate students from the School of Science and Technology at the University. We are excited to welcome our first scholarship recipient Maiza Argote.

Mosoj Yan Project – Empowering Young Women

This year we will be dedicating our resources to support educational opportunities for women, an historically marginalized group in Latin America and especially in Cochabamba which has some of the highest rates of femicide and violence toward women in the world. These past several years has seen violence against women in Cochabamba increase dramatically and the public has responded by organizing local movements and campaigns to promote and protect women’s rights. Adelante Bolivia proudly stands in solidarity with this important cause and this year we will be supporting Mosoj Yan, a shelter for adolescent girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. We will be providing computer classes and tutoring as well as supplying the girls with all their uniforms and supplies they need to finish their schooling. We will also be undertaking a complete remodel of the shelter, as well as supplying new furnishing. We are proud and honored to play a small role in the restoration of these brave girls!


Second Scholarship Recipient

We are excited to announce our second scholarship recipient,
Zulma Cabezas Pinto. Zulma is from Cochabamba, Bolivia as is currently studying Information Technology at the University of San Simon. She is in her third year and plans to pursue a master’s degree after graduating next year and would like to become a teacher. We applaud Zulma’s desire to educate the next generation.

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