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Get to Know Us

We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Dedicated to improving educational outcomes, promoting social empowerment and raising environmental awareness among vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Bolivia.

We see our organization as a small, but vital part of a broader vision to lift and give a voice to those in need. We firmly believe that an enlightened, educated society is the catalyst bring about greater social justice, equitable economic development, and sustainable environmental progress.

Join us!

Limited resources, societal norms, and economic hardships often stand as barriers on
the path to empowerment. At Fundación Adelante Bolivia, we are committed to
breaking down these barriers and unlocking the boundless potential within each person.
Together we can accomplish great things.

Inicio (1).jpg

Our impact

200 000

Raised in Contributions


Bolivian organizations

and schools supported


Children, students, and families reached


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