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Wasitukuypaq is an educational and cultural center located in Township of Ushpa Ushpa, an impoverished and majority indigenous Quechua community in Cochabamba.  Due to a lack of adequate housing, basic services such as water and electricity, and schools in Ushpa Ushpa, the children and adolescents from this community are denied any educational opportunities.  Wasitukuypaq, which means “Community House” in Quechua, is a place where children and adolescents from the community can receive child care and educational support services.  The mission of the center is to improve educational outcomes in Ushpa Ushpa and to shelter children and adolescents from criminal activities and drug and alcohol abuse which is a growing concern in indigenous, low income communities like Ushpa Ushpa.  The center is currently supported and operated by the Sayari Warmy Women's Association, a partner organization to Adelante Bolivia.