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New Scholarship Recipient

In March we welcomed our newest scholarship recipient, Cinthia Nunez Salazar. Cinthia is from the rural, indigenous village of Capinota, Bolivia. She is the first of her family to attend University and she is currently studying Web Applications and Computer Science at the University of San Simon. Cinthia is in her third year at the University and plans to pursue her Master’s degree after graduating. Cinthia is fluent in the Quechua language has always shared in interest in helping those from her community and she will be volunteering with us to give free computer classes at our rural computer labs. We are honored to welcome Cinthia to our family!

Donated Playground Equipment for Jesus Maestro School

Earlier this year our team raised funds to purchase a new playground for Jesus Maestro School, a school for children with special needs and one of our awesome partner organizations. We are grateful and honored for all who participated in the fundraiser. Together we can accomplish great things!

Project Ushpa Ushpa

This year we will be supporting the community of Ushpa Ushpa, an indigenous Quechua township on the outskirts of Cochabamba. We were attracted to this community from the work of a local women’s group, Sayari Warmy, who have sacrificed so much to better their community by promoting women’s rights and establishing a community center for their children to receive after school tutoring and educational support services. With the little resources they have they continue the fight against women abuses toward women and child endangerment which plaque communities like Uspha Uspha. Please see our partner organizations page for more information about this incredible organization. In August we donated 10 new laptop computers to the community center and are currently providing free computer classes to the women and children of the community. We also raised funds to remodel their community center and provided school supplies.

Project CAPEDIS – Providing Care to abandoned Children with Special needs

In October we provided local organization CAPEDIS, a shelter in Cochabamba for children with severe physical and intellectual disabilities a Physical Therapist for the children they house. Because of limited financial resources, the Organization had gone nearly two years without a Physical Therapist and it is truly a blessing to be able to play small part in providing needed medical care for these incredible children.

New Addition to the Family

We wish congratulations to Executive Director Boria and her family on the birth of her son Francisco. We excited to welcome the newest addition to the Adelante Bolivia family!