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Koa – a traditional blessing for a prosperous new year

Board President Oscar Raziel Armijo hosted a traditional Koa which is an indigenous blessing ceremony where sage and coca leaves are burnt as an offering to Pachamama, meaning mother earth in the Quechua language. This year’s Koa was to bring another great year of service to our communities and to wish Oscar a safe journey back to the United States After 8 years in Bolivia, Oscar will be moving back to California, USA.

Opening New Computer Labs

This year we began expanding our services to Cochabamba’s impoverished townships located just outside the city limits. These communities were largely settled by miners from Oruro and Potosi, escaping the harsh working conditions of the mines and immense poverty and lack of basic resources of their hometowns, many of which are among of the poorest in Bolivia. In March we teamed up with local organizations and community centers to bring much needed educational assistance such as after school tutoring, and setting up four computer labs, each equipped with 8 newly donated laptops.

New Horizons – Launching our Occupational Therapy Program

This year we began our newest venture, an occupational therapy program to provide licensed and certified Occupational and Physical Therapist to the many shelters, schools, and organizations in and around Cochabamba that serve and house children with special needs. In April we sent our first Occupational Therapist to Jesus Mestro School, a K-12 school for children with intellectual and physical disabilities. For more information about Jesus Maestro and the incredible work they do please visit our partner organizations page.

Giving Back – Scholarship Recipient Returns

After completing her studies at University and receiving her degree in Computer Science, we are happy to welcome back our first scholarship recipient, Maiza, who will be Adelante Bolivia’s newest Board Member and serve as an ongoing community liaison and volunteer.

Donation Drives for the infants of Mosoj Yan

Last year we began our commitment to support Mosoj Yan, one of our many partner organizations, in their fight to rehabilitate and educate girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, many of the girls arrive to the shelter pregnant and give birth while housed at Mosoj Yan. Throughout the year Adelante Bolivia donated much needed baby and medical supplies to the young mothers at Mosoj Yan. We are proud to support these brave girls.

Project Taquina

In November we partnered with the village of Taquina, a farming community at the foot of the Taquina Mountains in the rural province of Tiquipaya and the Swiss-Bolivian Organization, Educar es Fiesta to provide free computer classes to the students ages 6 to 12. The classes will be led by our Program Coordinator with support from a group of international volunteers from Educar Es Fiesta. The classes currently serve approximately 50 students from the community.