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We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Our Mission

Dedicated to improving educational outcomes, promoting social empowerment and raising environmental awareness among vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Bolivia.

We see our organization as a small, but vital part of a broader vision to lift and give a voice to those in need. We firmly believe that an enlightened, educated society is the catalyst bring about greater social justice, equitable economic development, and sustainable environmental progress.

Why Bolivia?

Bolivia is one of two landlock countries in South America and it is often overlooked by its more well-known neighbors Peru, Brazil and Argentina.  Most travelers know Peru for Macchu Picchu, Brazil for Carnaval and Rio’s beaches but Bolivia has arguably the greatest preservation of Pre-Colombian history and cultural traditions of any country in South America and 2017 World Travel named Bolivia the best cultural destination.  Add to that its breathtaking, majestic landscapes, and it’s easy to see that Bolivia has always been a hidden gem and we are humbled and thankful to get to work in this amazing country.

In addition to its incredible beauty and culture, in the last 10 years the country has gone through a dramatic political transformation and with it so many opportunities to create real and lasting social change.  We are excited to be a part of this moment of Bolivian history!