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The majority of Bolivians are from poor, rural communities that are often isolated and hard to reach. In 2014 Adelante Bolivia launched its “rural initiative”, partnering with local Bolivian nonprofit organizations and community associations to provide onsite computer training for rural communities in Cochabamba and throughout Bolivia.

Training in a local school

Training in a local school

The trainings are organized into three individual workshops: one for children, one for high school students, and one for adults and last for a period of one to three months. Through this joint effort we have reach over 400 students and adults from 25 rural communities throughout Bolivia.

Also in 2014, Adelante Bolivia began working closely with primary and secondary schools in Cochabamba to provide computer training workshops for school teachers so they can better utilize the technology resources at their disposal. The workshops provide teachers with individualized computer classes tailored to their respective teaching fields.

Additionally the workshops help to promote technology based curriculums and help the teacher develop their own curriculums. To date, Adelante Bolivia has worked with seven primary and secondary schools in Cochabamba, serving a total of 250 teachers.