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 Centro Comunitario Chilijchi-Educar es Fiesta:Centro Comunitario Chilijchi-Educar es Fiesta:Computer classes began in the South Zone, near the market peasant, at the Community Center “Chilijchi” belonging to Educar is Fiesta, said children from the area from 4 to 12 years old, whose parents work as peddlers of fruit in the peasant market and as sewers in jeans factories. The dates for the start of classes were modified given the Urkupiña parties for which many of the families traveled preventing the attendance of all the enrolled from the first days provided. However, children have shown much enthusiasm during the progress and good behavior in the development of the classes. The total number of enrollees is thirteen of 10 to 12 years, who during the month of August have studied Windows and Word. The instructor in charge is Hector Cruz Rocabado and has voluntary support from Mr. David Mamani.

 Centro Comunitario Chilijchi-Educar es Fiesta:

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